GitHub for Web Designers

with James Williamson
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GitHub for Web Designers
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GitHub has become the industry-standard version control and publishing platform for web developers, but it's great for designers too. This course shows web designers how GitHub can dramatically improve their workflow and assist in creating and publishing sites. Senior author James Williamson shows how to sign up for an account and install GitHub client and Git, the version control system GitHub is based on. He then shows you how to use Github to work with team members and collaborate with contributors to open-source projects.

Topics include:
  • Creating an account
  • Installing GitHub
  • Git basics
  • Adding files to Git
  • Checking differences
  • Creating, switching, and updating branches
  • Creating a new GitHub repository
  • Managing files with the GitHub client
  • Working with collaborators


(melodic tunes) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm James Williamson, senior author at and I want to welcome you to GitHub for web designers. GitHub has become the industry standard way to share and distribute code over the internet. Along the way, it's become an integral part of many web design workflows. However, GitHub was largely created by and for web developers. So, in this course, I wanna take a web designer's approach to learning and using GitHub. We'll start by examining what GitHub is, how it works, and the value that it can add to your workflow.

We'll start by creating a GitHub account. And then defining your personal profile. From there, we'll step outside of GitHub to take a brief look at git. The version control system that GitHub is based off of. After that, we'll download the desktop applications and get started with basic GitHub workflows. Along the way, we'll explore the concepts that are critical to using GitHub correctly. Then we'll move on to using GitHub to collaborate with team members and how to use it socially to collaborate on opensource projects. Let's demystify GitHub. And find out how it can help you be a more efficient web designer.

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