GarageBand for iOS Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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GarageBand for iOS Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 2h 48m Beginner Updated Aug 02, 2013


In this course, author and musician Garrick Chow reviews GarageBand for the Apple iPad—an inexpensive yet powerful app that allows you to record and edit music with both real and virtual instruments. The course begins with a tour around the interface, examining the instrument and track views. Garrick demonstrates how to play both touch instruments and Smart Instruments, as well as how to connect and use real instruments and microphones. Garrick then explains how to build, record, and edit a song from scratch, and how to then export and share your music with iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, email, and with other devices.

Topics include:
  • Selecting instruments
  • Setting up a song
  • Playing touch keyboards and drums
  • Playing Smart Instruments
  • Using real guitar amps
  • Working with loops
  • Recording instrument tracks
  • Editing MIDI tracks
  • Importing audio files
  • Exporting songs to multiple locations
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- Hi, I'm Garrick Chow and welcome to another title in our series on iPad Music Production. In this course we're looking at Apple Garage Band, an app that turns your iPad into a fully featured, portable digital audio workstation that lets you play, record, and mix both virtual and real instruments. We'll start by examining the Garage Band interface. From there I'll show you how to play and use all of Garage Band's built-up instruments like the keyboard, where you can select from 80 different keyboard styles and customize them to suit your own recordings. Or the drums, where you can play a variety of kits modeled after both acoustic drum kits and classic drum machines.

You'll also see how to play Garage Band's smart instruments and work with Apple Loops, which make it easy for anyone at any level of musical experience, to add professional sounding guitar, keyboard, or even string arrangements to a song. I'll show you how to connect a real guitar to your iPad and play through one of Garage Band's multitude of built-in amps and stomp boxes. (guitar playing) And then we'll put everything together by creating a song from scratch. (guitar playing) So if you're brand new to Garage Band, or even if you just play around with it a little bit, you'll be amazed at how powerful it really is and how easy it can be to create great sounding, polished music in very little time.

Let's get started.

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