GarageBand '11 Essential Training

with Todd Howard
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GarageBand '11 Essential Training
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This course is a comprehensive guide to the popular digital audio software from Apple, demonstrating the tools and techniques to create, edit, and publish music and podcasts. Author Todd Howard covers the ins and outs of the application, from interfacing with external devices, exploring Apple Loops, and recording instrument and vocal tracks to creating successful mixes, performing edits, and sharing finished projects. Additionally, the course introduces the new features in GarageBand '11, including Flex Time and Groove Matching, which provide powerful methods for editing and tightening up the rhythmic timing of tracks.

Topics include:
  • Connecting instruments, MIDI controllers, mics, and speakers
  • Creating a project and specifying tempo, time signature, and key
  • Jumpstarting the recording process with Magic GarageBand
  • Recording real instruments, software instruments, and electric guitar tracks
  • Compositing a final track from multiple takes
  • Creating, naming, and organizing song sections using the Arrangement track
  • Equalizing and compressing tracks
  • Adding reverb and echo effects
  • Sharing songs with iTunes and Logic Pro
  • Archiving GarageBand project files
  • Taking guitar and piano lessons
  • Creating podcasts, movies scores, and ringtones
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- Over the years, GarageBand has become a very powerful recording studio right inside your MAC. In this course, I'll be walking you through the major aspects of this studio. I'll show you how to get up and running by connecting your instruments and hardware devices, setting sound preferences, and creating projects. We'll take a close look at creating tracks with a variety of effects presets, and using the library of Apple loops to flesh out your recordings. You'll see how to configure GarageBand to record acoustic instruments as well as electric guitars.

Then we'll record a song from the ground up. We'll select a rhythm loop and then record guitars, bass, vocals, as well as a keyboard part using a midi controller. We'll go on to edit the tracks by groove-matching some of the rhythms and punching in a few musical fixes. We'll dive deep into mixing to get just the right balance between all of your recorded tracks. Then I'll show you how to create and publish a podcast with GarageBand. Finally, we'll cover some housekeeping issues like saving and archiving your projects. I've had a lot of fun creating this course and I'm really looking forward to taking you on a tour of GarageBand '11, Essential Training.

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