GarageBand '09 Essential Training

with Damian Allen
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GarageBand '09 Essential Training
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Amateurs and professionals alike can use GarageBand to produce and share great music. In GarageBand '09 Essential Training, composer Damian Allen shows how GarageBand has broadened the spectrum of musical possibilities and made composing more accessible, even for beginners. He explains the basics of how GarageBand's tracks work with the loops provided, then discusses recording live instruments, working with the new virtual guitar rigs, creating custom loops, and playing GarageBand's built-in software instruments. He also demonstrates how to apply processor effects and use the application's audio editing tools to mix and master a final song. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating a project from scratch
  • Making music instantly with Magic GarageBand
  • Learning the guitar and keyboard with the lessons in GarageBand
  • Using piano and orchestral and analog synth software instruments
  • Mixing tracks for a balanced composition
  • Working with the new stomp boxes and virtual guitar amps
  • Effectively applying reverb, echo, compressors, and EQ
  • Exporting and sharing compositions
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- GarageBand really is an amazing piece of software. In fact, GarageBand's so powerful that it's now used by professional musicians and celebrity artists around the world. (cheerful, upbeat music) Welcome to GarageBand '09 Essential Training. I'm Damian Allen, President of Pixerati, a post production studio based in LA. I'll be taking you through this comprehensive training on GarageBand '09. Whether you are a beginning musician or an experienced one, you'll want to take a tour of the interface to get familiar with the recording tools and how GarageBand tracks function in general.

Then if you're an electric guitar player, head over to the lesson on creating electric guitar tracks. And of course keyboard players can dive right into the section on software instruments. With the addition of the new world class guitar amp and stomp box models, GarageBand '09 has everything you need to compose, arrange and master a modern pop song. (synthesized music) We'll close out by playing a section of the master song that we'll be working on throughout the training. This song was composed entirely inside a GarageBand, no outboard effects, amplifiers or synthesizers were added.

It gives you just a glimpse of the kinds of sounds that you can create with GarageBand '09. A whole world of musical possibilities is out there for you to explore. So let's get started.

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