iLife '09 New Features

with Garrick Chow
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iLife '09 New Features
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With the release of iLife '09, Apple has introduced intuitive new features for organizing, editing, and sharing movies, music, and photos. Instructor Garrick Chow demonstrates the wide range of enhancements to this already easy-to-use suite of programs in iLife '09 New Features. He explains iPhoto's new ability to organize and search images using face recognition and geodata, and moves on to iMovie, where he explores precision editing tools and real-time video effects. Garrick also covers GarageBand's new built-in music lessons, as well as iWeb's new ability to publish to any web hosting server. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Tagging a photo with geodata
  • Using the new iPhoto editing tools to enhance images
  • Sharing photos with Flickr and Facebook
  • Stabilizing video in iMovie to get rid of the "shaky cam" effect
  • Using green screen effects with iMovie
  • Exploring GarageBand's new amps and effects to use with a real guitar
  • Accessing GarageBand's built-in music lessons
  • Publishing finished projects with iWeb via FTP
  • Integrating iWeb's new widgets into web pages


- [Voiceover] iLife is Apple's suite of applications, that gives you incredibly easy and intuitive ways to organize, edit and share your digital photos, movies and music. (light music) - [Voiveover] Hi, I'm Garrick Chow, and welcome to iLife 09, new features. We'll start with a look a iPhoto 09, where you'll learn about iPhoto's amazing new face detection and recognition function, allowing you to sort and browse your photos, based on who's in them. We'll also take a look at Places, which lets you search through your photos based on their geo data. And I'll also show you iPhoto's new editing tools, travel maps and social networking capabilities.

In iMovie 09, I'll show you how to use the new Precision editor, to fine tune the shots in your videos. And you'll also learn about the new, real-time video effects. How to speed up, slow down and reverse footage, how to create picture and picture shots, green screen effects and how to turn shaky shots into smooth, steady footage. GarageBand 09 also has it's share of new features, including the newly re-designed guitar amps and stomp box effects. Magic Garageband has also been refreshed, making it easier than ever, to quickly assemble a song with your own virtual backing band. But the biggest feature of Garageband, has to be the new, built-in music lessons, which can teach you to become a better keyboard or guitar player.

And lastly, we'll look at iWeb, iLife's webpage creation application that lets you upload and share photos, videos, and music you've created. I'll show you how you can upload your webpages to almost any web hosting service with iWeb 09's new ability to integrate FTP publishing. Plus, you'll find new iWeb widgets that add interactive content to your website, simply by dragging and dropping them onto your pages. With all the new features packed into iLife 09, it's easier than ever to do more with your photos, video and music. Let's get started.

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