Intermediate Flash MX

with Shane Rebenschied
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Intermediate Flash MX
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The Intermediate Flash MX workshop with Shane Rebenschied is our entire class in an online format. During the course of this workshop you will learn intermediate techniques by constructing a site entirely in Flash. You will learn how to load text from an external text file, make text scrollable, load external bitmap graphics, drag objects, import video into Flash, animate popup menus, change the volume of music dynamically with ActionScripting and more. This workshop is right for you if you know Flash but feel uncertain about the strategies and workflow related to making finished sites and presentations. This workshop was developed to help you learn to pick the best strategies for the different challenges you'll face as Flash developers.

Topics include:
  • Main menu Slideshow Preloader Scrollable text Dragging objects Animated pop-up menu Feedback form Importing video into Flash Music volume slider Custom mouse cursor Flash plug-in detector
Flash Professional

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