Use the Free Transform Tool in Flash Professional CS5

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Using the Free Transform tool

This Free Transform tool allows you to scale, rotate, and skew objects in Flash. Free Transform tool is in the same flyout menu as the Gradient Transform tool. Note the keyboard shortcut Q. this is one that you're going to be using often, so I suggest memorizing it. So I have the Free Transform tool selected, and once its selected, you'll see handles all around it. If you click and drag the handle in the top center, you can scale the shape vertically. Notice that the bottom is anchored.

If you want the object to scale from the middle instead of from the bottom, you can hold the Alt or Option key to toggle that mode. You can also drag the handles on the sides and on the bottom to scale horizontally or vertically from the bottom. The handles on the corners can be used to scale horizontally and vertically. If you hold the Shift key on your keyboard, the aspect ratios of Width and Height stay the same. To rotate an object using the Free Transform tool, hover your mouse outside one of the corner handles.

Notice your cursor changes to a curved line, with an arrow on the end. Click and drag to rotate the shape. If you hold the Shift key, Flash will constrain the rotation to 45 degree angles. Finally, to skew an object, you can click and drag in between the handles on the border of the selected object. So I can skew vertically or horizontally. The transformations with the Free Transform tool occur based on the transformation point. So if I move the transformation point up and I scale the object in, the changes happen around that point.

You can see this, if I hold the Option key, how everything is scaling in or out from that point. Rotation also happens around the transformation point. I will just undo the changes I made. One of the uses of the Free Transform tool is to copy shapes. So let's say I wanted to copy this avocado and make a version of it open. So I hold Option on my keyboard, click in the center of the avocado and drag to the left. Notice my cursor has a plus sign by it, indicating that I am copying the shape.

I will release my mouse button before the Alt or Option key to make a copy of the shape. Now I can rotate it while holding the Shift key to a 90 degree angle. Since the shape is a drawing object, I can overlay it in front of the other shape. Now I will set the fill color in the Properties panel. I will set the color to E7EF62 and press Return on my keyboard to apply the change. And now I can apply a stroke using the Ink Bottle tool. So I will select the Ink Bottle tool and select a stroke color in the Properties panel.

For my stroke color, I will type the hexadecimal value, 67B071, and I will apply the stroke to the shape. Now if I wanted to make a seed for the avocado, I could copy the shape one more time. I will click and drag the shape holding the Option key or Alt key on my keyboard to create one more copy. Using the Free Transform tool, I will scale the shape in and put it in the center as the seed. I will remove the stroke and change the fill color to brown. So using the Free Transform tool you can move, rotate, scale, and skew all kinds of objects in Flash.

Using the Free Transform tool
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Using the Free Transform tool provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Todd Perkins as part of the Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training

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