Up and Running with Flash Professional CC

with Anastasia McCune
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Up and Running with Flash Professional CC
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Get a running start with Adobe Flash Professional, and learn the concepts, tools, and techniques you'll need to create your own animations, web experiences, and mobile applications. Join Anastasia McCune as she walks you through the program's interface, shows how to build vector graphics and create symbols—reusable artwork at the heart of animations. This course also covers controlling playback with ActionScript, the Flash scripting language; adding audio and video; and publishing your projects to the web or as a mobile or desktop application.

Topics include:
  • What is Flash?
  • Using the Timeline
  • Creating shapes in the Merge and Object drawing modes
  • Using symbols
  • Creating simple animations
  • Using ActionScript to create navigation
  • Converting and integrating video
  • Publishing for web, mobile, and desktop applications
3D + Animation Web
Flash Professional


- [Voiceover] Hi, I am Anastasia McCune, and welcome to Up and Running with Flash Professional. In this course, we'll start with a blank slate, and go through the fundamentals of creating a simple, yet complete, Flash project. I'll start by showing you how to navigate around Flash, and utilize parts of the workspace, like the stage, library, and timeline. Then, I'll show you how to import artwork into Flash, as well as create your own using some of the drawing tools. I'll show you how to create simple animation but using motion and shape tweens. And, we'll also see how to incorporate audio and video, as well as interactive control using buttons and simple action script.

We'll be covering all these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques. So, let's get up and running with Flash Professional.

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