Reorganizing panels

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Reorganizing panels

In the previous video we looked at several ways to reorganize and relocate existing panels and windows. In this video we'll look at how to reorganize panels, separating and joining them together. As we saw earlier, the default configuration of the Panel Well is full-size with Color and Library visible. You can also see the Swatches panel behind the Color Panel in a tabbed format. Clicking on the Swatches panel will bring that to the foreground allowing you to navigate through all the existing Swatches, both shipping with {italic}Flash{plain} and any that you may have saved yourselves.

We'll get to that a little bit later. Right now we want to learn how to reorder and regroup the panels to suit your needs. To begin we'll look at how to add panels to the Panel Well. Let's go back to our default configuration of Color and Library with Swatches in the background and go to the Window menu where we want to add the Align panel. Doing so places the Align panel in the Panel Well in the predetermined configuration that is the default workspace shipping with {italic}Flash.{plain} Let's do that process again this time going back up to the Window menu and adding the Info panel. As you see, the Info panel has been added along with the Align panel in the Panel Group. Let's do this one more time going back up to the Window menu and choosing Transform. Transform, too, has been added to the same Panel Group. We can navigate between them, bringing each panel that we wish to the foreground, but they all exist in a Panel Group.

Panel Groups are helpful because they save on screen space, but as you can see, you can only view one panel at a time in a Panel Group. So, what happens if you want to use Align and Transform with equal frequency? Well, you can simply grab any panel by its tab and pull it out to exist on its own. If you want the panel to exist in the Panel Well, but not as part of a Panel Group you can re-add to the Panel Well but drag down to a stand-alone position. As you can see, if we drag over the existing Panel Group the entire Panel Group will highlight, however, if we drag between panels a single color line will indicate its position. Now we can see both Transform and Align at the same time. You can use this same technique to reorder panels anyway you see fit. So you might drag the Align panel above the Transform panel, as its own panel, you maybe rejoin Align, Info and Transform, and if you prefer, you can even change the order of panels in a single Panel Group. You can also change the vertical stacking order for any panel or Panel Group inside the Panel Well. You can reorder a single panel or an entire Panel Group. You can pull out an entire Panel Group and restore an entire Panel Group and you can close a single panel within a group or an entire Panel Group. Finally, all of these techniques work regardless of the configuration of your Panel Well. For example, I could go up to the gray bar with the double-arrow icon on top of the Panel Well to collapse to icon and text view. I could then reorder the panel by dragging it above the Panel Group, I could separate the panel from the Panel Well altogether, and I could rejoin the Panel Well in a new location. If you've changed your workspace extensively for an isolated circumstance or if you just want to start over, you can simply go back up to the Window menu and come down to Workspace > Default and the default workspace that ships with {italic}Flash CS3{plain} will be restored. As you can see, {italic}Flash{plain} {italic}CS3{plain} is heavily customizable and in order to take advantage of those feature we want to be able to save our changes and that's what we're going to learn in the next video.

Reorganizing panels
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Reorganizing panels provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Rich Shupe as part of the Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training

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