Formatting text using the Text Layout Framework

show more Formatting text using the Text Layout Framework provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Paul Trani as part of the Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5 show less
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Formatting text using the Text Layout Framework

TLF Text gives you more flexibility when using text in Flash. And that's why I'm going to use it over what is now known as Classic Text. So the first thing I'm going to do is expand out the Timeline panel and I'm going to turn off all those other content layers. And just turn on this about content layer and the about bkgd because I want to focus on the text in here. As you can see, there is this large chunk of body copy. That's actually inside of the about movie clip.

I'll just double-click it. Now, I'm inside of this about movie clip, and I can hold down the Spacebar and kind of reposition my Stage. And really this is a lot of text. And quite frankly I want to do a couple of things. I want to lay it out better and I also want to in particular I want to take this and just to sort of put in a link right here. Link out to this school. And I can do that quite easily just by highlighting it. And notice as I go over to my Properties panel, I'm using TLF Text already, because I've imported this text from Photoshop as editable.

So TLF Text is selected. Notice how I can make it Read Only or Selectable or Editable. This is just going to be a Read Only. Again, the user doesn't need to really select it, so I'll just change that to Read Only. And then I'm given all of these various options on my text right in here. So plenty of options for Character and even Advanced Character attributes I can edit. So again for this, I'm going to go ahead and link out to just like that.

Hit Enter. And notice how it turns it blue and then gives it an underline so it clearly differentiates it from the rest of the contents. The target it is going to be blank because I want to open up in a new window. And I encourage you to, kind of peruse the other options in here. There is a lot it can do, but what I want to focus on next is the flow of this content because I want to sort of stretch out this text box. And I'll do that just by grabbing that left edge, stretching it out, and let's just grab the button and kind of scrunch it up like that and kind of adjust this accordingly so it's fits sort of over the TV.

And in general, I would never really have text this long. From a design perspective, it's too long of lines is what it creates. I'd love to make this two columns. And that's what I want to do. So over here under Container And Flow, so let me just twirl those all up. Container And Flow gives me the ability to change the columns. So I'll change this to 2 columns, and you can see it changed to two columns. And I can just grab that border, kind of scrunch it up like that, and make sure this flows a little better kind of like that.

All right, so the next thing I want to do is I want this content to sort of reflow. Again it's all trapped in this box. I want it to reflow into another text box beneath it. So I'll just click this plus sign and when I do that it loads all of that text into my cursor if you will. And then I can click and drag to make a new text box just like that. So now this content flows one into the next. So if I decide for instance to get rid of a paragraph, I can do that and all the text reflows accordingly.

So it makes it real easy to work with, especially sort of large body text as well. So I'm going to select my Selection tool sort of move this up and just do some fine-tuning. In general that's looks pretty darn good like that. So with this set you can easily see that it really gives you flexibility to lay out you text easier, and it gives you that fine-tuning that you need when it comes to text in Flash.

Formatting text using the Text Layout Framework
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Formatting text using the Text Layout Framework provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Paul Trani as part of the Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5

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