Flash Professional CS6 New Features

with Anastasia McCune
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Flash Professional CS6 New Features
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Discover the new features Flash Professional CS6 offers animators and application developers. Author Anastasia McCune walks through each of the software's key enhancements, including the generation of sprite sheets, which can accommodate multiple symbols or bitmaps; a new extension allowing Flash animations to be exported to HTML5; and the captive run time, which allows developers to bundle the AIR framework into an AIR application, creating a self-contained entity which eliminates the third-party dependency.

Topics include:
  • Creating PNG sequences and sprite sheets from the Library and the Stage
  • Using scripts to export PNG sequences or sprite sheets
  • Using Direct Window Mode publishing for Stage3D
  • Exploring the captive AIR run time for Android, OS X, and Windows
  • Using the new Content Simulator
Flash Professional


- Hi, I'm Anastasia McCune and thanks for joining me for Flash Professional CS6 New Features. In this title, I'll take you through some of the exciting new features available in this version of Flash. I'll show you how to export sprite sheets and PNG files in various ways from within Flash. I'll show you some new features that better support Stage 3D and languages in Flash projects. We'll also take a look at a new framework that allows you to export your Flash content out as HTML5. Finally we'll also play with the new content simulator, which allows you to preview within Flash how your projects will work on mobile devices, as well as other new enhancements that support AIR development.

It's gonna be a wild ride so let's check out the new features in Flash Professional CS6.

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