2D Animation Principles

with Dermot O' Connor
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2D Animation Principles
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Bring a cast of characters to life. By following the basics principles of animation, you can build characters that interact naturally with their environments, convey realistic emotion, and talk and walk convincingly. In this course, Dermot O' Connor shows how to design a solid character and stage and storyboard your animation before you begin. He'll examine principles like anticipation and squash and stretch, which provide characters with a sense of weight and flexibility, and show you how to animate walk cycles and dialogue. Finally, learn how to thumbnail scenes from start to finish, so you can sketch out the action before you commit to fully rendering it.

These lessons are designed with Flash in mind, but work just as well with any other 2D animation program.

Topics include:
  • Creating gesture drawings
  • Comparing storyboard styles
  • Squash, stretch, and volume
  • Comparing timing and spacing
  • Using anticipation, overshoot, settle, overlap, and follow-through
  • Creating eccentric walks
  • Building stock mouth shapes for dialogue
  • Creating thumbnails
3D + Animation
Flash Professional


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Dermot O'Conner and welcome to 2D Principles of Animation. In this course we look at the techniques of traditional animation and how they can be applied to various types of animation such as CGI and Flash. I'll show you an overview of pre-production, design, and storyboards and how to prepare a scene for animation. Then, I'll show you the traditional principles of animation including walk cycles, dialogue scenes, squash and stretch and so on, breaking them down into a series of separate videos. Finally I'll show you how to thumbnail an acting scene, allowing you to have a better level of control over the animation process.

The course contains many sample movies and stills to illustrate the principles and techniques of animation. Now let's get started with 2D Principles in Animation.

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