Best Practices for Flash-based Banner Ads

with Anastasia McCune
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Best Practices for Flash-based Banner Ads
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Build eye-catching banner ads in Flash Professional that achieve design goals and satisfy the requirements of search engines and the sites where the ads will display. Author Anastasia McCune explores the current standards of banner ad design, offers a series of best practices for technical development, including incorporating video, and details the necessary information to gather from clients and publishers in order to build an ad. Then Anastasia constructs a number of banner ad examples—simple, expandable, and multi-panel—from start to finish, showing how to optimize assets and add interactivity.

Topics include:
  • Understanding terminology
  • Gathering requirements
  • Understanding whether to use Flash or HTML5
  • Setting up an ad and using guide layers
  • Adding clickability
  • Optimizing images and text
  • Publishing final files and images
  • Creating input text fields
  • Creating a print job
  • Handling print errors
  • Tweening between collapsed and expanded states
  • Adding timeline control
  • Integrating Flash, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Addressing security issues
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- Hi, I'm Anastasia McCune and welcome to Best Practices for Flash Banner Ads. Flash ads are a great way to get your message out in a creative and interactive manner. In this course, I'll show you how to build banner ads using Flash and other tools to both grab your viewers and keep their attention with interactivity, videos and additional information. I'll explain what expectations both your client and your publishers might have so you can build your ads correctly from the outset. I'll teach you how to build simple, expandable and multi-panel banner ads with rich content while staying within the file size requirements of your publisher.

And finally, we'll learn how to integrate Flash, HTML and JavaScript where appropriate for your final ads. Building advertisements for the web doesn't have to be hard. So let's get started and have some fun with Best Practices for Flash Banner Ads.

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