Flash Professional CS5.5 New Features

with Todd Perkins
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Flash Professional CS5.5 New Features
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In this course, author Todd Perkins demonstrates key changes in the CS5.5 release of Adobe's interactive design and animation software. This course covers workflow improvements, enhanced ActionScript features (including new code snippets for AIR and several mobile frameworks), file optimization techniques, and extended support for Android and iOS app development in AIR.

Topics include:
  • Using Auto-Recovery and Auto-Save
  • Working with the new Library Conflict Resolution dialog
  • IK Pinning
  • Copying and pasting layers in the Timeline
  • Exporting and converting to the bitmap format
  • Understanding incremental compilation
  • Using new ActionScript code snippets
  • Loading assets with the new ProLoader class
  • Using the new features in the AIR for iOS and Android SDKs
Flash Professional


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Todd Perkins. Welcome to Flash CS5.5 Professional New Features. This release offers several improvements to the Flash workflow. You'll see how you can integrate between Flash Pro and Flash Builder more efficiently, share assets between multiple FLA files, and automatically have them update when you save the asset in the master file. Then, we'll look at new features for animation including, IK pinning and using the new integrated animation controller.

Then, we'll take a look at new ActionScript features including, new code snippets for AIR and mobile devices and a new class for loading files called the ProLoader class. Finally, we'll look at improvements to the AIR for iOS and AIR for Android SDK in CS5.5. Using the features that you see in this title, you can improve your workflows and increase the performance of your applications.

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