Flash Professional CS5: Code Snippets and Templates in Depth

with David Gassner
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Flash Professional CS5: Code Snippets and Templates in Depth
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In Flash Professional CS5: Code Snippets and Templates in Depth, David Gassner shows designers how to use Flash Professional CS5's Code Snippets panel and file templates to get started with ActionScript 3 and implement best practices. This course describes how to insert snippets into existing Flash presentations, includes a detailed explanation of the code behind the snippets, and shows how to use the many templates included with Flash Pro CS5 to quickly create customized presentations. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Touring the Code Snippets panel
  • Adding simple and complex code snippets
  • Handling mouse and keyboard events
  • Starting and stopping video and sounds
  • Loading external SWF files, images, and text
  • Customizing code snippets
  • Understanding template types and categories
  • Replacing template content
  • Creating a slide show
ActionScript Flash Professional


- Hi, my name is David Gassner, and I'd like to welcome you to a Flash Professional CS5 Code Snippets and Templates In Depth. In the first part of the series, I describe the new Code Snippets feature, that helps you quickly add action script code to your Flash projects. I'll start with Snippets that control the timeline, with simple action script commands such as Play and Stop. Then I'll move to more complex and interesting effects, such as animating objects on the Flash stage and implementing Drag and Drop interfaces.

For each Code Snippet, I'll show you how to apply it to a presentation, and then I'll review the code. I'll show you how it works, and then offer suggestions for how you can customize the code for your own needs. In the second part of the series, I'll demonstrate the new file templates that are included with Flash Professional CS5. They can be used both as starting points for your own presentations, and as effective learning tools. This video series is designed for anyone who uses Flash Professional CS5. If you're new to the product, these tools can help you advance your knowledge of the Action Script 3 programming language and other advanced tools.

And if you're an experienced Flash developer, the Code Snippets feature in particular can help you become a faster, more productive developer. Either way, I hope you'll find that this video series helps you advance your knowledge and use of Flash Professional CS5.

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