Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects

with Paul Trani
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Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects
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In Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects, Paul Trani shows how to create dynamic and visually rich animations in Flash Professional CS5. This course demonstrates how to create and import assets, and then take those assets and bring them to life with dynamic motion. It also shows how to create more unique and natural movement by adding special effects, 3D, masks, and even bones to animate characters. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating graphics and reusable assets
  • Importing graphics
  • Making an object move
  • Animating a mask
  • Using and customizing motion presets
  • Morphing shapes
  • Animating in 3D
  • Adding bones to a character
  • Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript
  • Randomizing content
3D + Animation
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- Hello, I'm Paul Trani, and welcome to Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects. I'm gonna show you how to create exciting, professional animation that will bring any project to life. This course will show you how to use motion presets to add quick animation. We'll create custom motion tweens that can be reused and nested into other animations. I'll show you how to animate characters, animate in 3D, and create complex animations with ActionScript.

So, whether you're making a Flash website or Flash banners, I'm gonna give you the basics, so that you can be at your creative best. So, let's get animated with Flash Professional CS5.

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