Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5

with Paul Trani
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Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5
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Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5 shows how to make a fully functional, dynamic web site in Flash Professional CS5. This course covers the fundamentals of creating and importing content, adding smooth 2D and 3D transitions, and adding button functionality that goes beyond links. This course will also show how to integrate and control video and audio as well as how to implement a gallery and a contact form. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding web design
  • Creating buttons and web graphics in Photoshop
  • Formatting text with the Text Layout Framework
  • Using the Timeline
  • Creating a custom looping animation
  • Loading images in a gallery
  • Creating invisible buttons
  • Adding music and video to a site
  • Customizing video playback controls
  • Optimizing and publishing a web site
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I'm Paul Trani and welcome to Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5. I'm going to show you how to create a web site from the ground up. We'll take a look at the fundamentals of web design and how to apply them to a real-world project. We'll start with a dynamic design and add some eye-catching animation. I'll then show you how easy it is to add interactivity, as well as a gallery that can dynamically load in as many images as you want. I'll also demonstrate how to incorporate video with custom controls.

That's actually synched with other graphics. And to round out the experience, we'll add audio. I'm going to show you how to do all of this and much more using Flash CS5, which really makes it easier than ever to create great content. So let's roll up our sleeves and get started in creating your first web site with Flash Professional CS5.

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Q: I followed all the steps and suggestions in the "Adding a progress bar" video, but when I add the progress bar to my web site, I can’t remove it once the index.swf file loads up. The progress bar remains on the homepage and the rest of the pages. How do I make it disappear once the site loads?
A: To make it disappear, just make sure the progress bar is only in frame 1. If it’s on its own layer, then right-click on the 2nd frame in that same layer and select "Insert Blank Keyframe." That will make it disappear.
Q: Despite following the steps in the "Adding a progress bar" video, I cannot figure out how to keep the progress bar from appearing on a movie that has finished loading. How can I make the progress bar disappear?
A: Just add the red line below to the preloader.fla file. This will make the progress bar invisible: 
"function contentLoaded(evt:Event):void { //Optionally change to a clip holder and set progressbar visibility. addChild(contentLoader); progressbar.visible = false; }"
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