Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation

with Dermot O' Connor
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Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation
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In Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation, Dermot O' Connor explains the process of character animation in Flash, using nested symbols and motion and shape tweening to create believable characters. The course covers the process from start to finish, from rigging a character to creating a walk cycle animation. Along the way, Dermot demonstrates techniques such as animating eye blinks, head turns, and mouth movements during dialogue. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Rendering in SWF or AVI
  • Creating vectors for the the character body
  • Coloring the body
  • Rigging a mouth in Flash
  • Posing the rig
  • Animating head and body movement
  • Creating hands
  • Understanding facial expressions
  • Making the contact poses
  • Creating passing poses
  • Animating in-betweens
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- Welcome to Flash Professional CS5 character animation, I'm Dermot O'Connor. This course will take you through the process of animating for TV or the web. In this course, I'll show you how to setup a project, and make your work process as fast and smooth as possible. Then we'll take a traditional character design and convert it into a puppet or rig that can be animated in Flash. Once we have the rigged figure setup, I'll show you some of the different styles of animation in Flash. Motion tweening and shape tweening.

The first scene will be a simple head turn, which will allow us to animate some nice facial movements. Then, I'll show you how to animate a couple of walk cycles. And finally a dialogue scene. I've worked in animation for 20 years in feature, television, games, mobile phones, and the internet. Flash can be used to create animation in all of these formats. By the time you finish this course, I hope you'll feel ready to begin work on your own projects. So please join me as we create an animated character from scratch in Flash CS5.

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