Flash CS4 Professional New Features

with Todd Perkins
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Flash CS4 Professional New Features
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Recent updates to Flash have focused on its use as a platform for rich internet applications and video, while the tried-and-true animation tools have received relatively little attention. But as Todd Perkins shows in Flash CS4 Professional New Features, animators have reason to be excited about this latest update. He demonstrates the new motion tween model, how to create and animate with bones, and the capabilities of the new integrated 3D tools. Todd shares details about many other changes in Flash CS4, including a new interface and updates to the Project panel and the Library. He also covers working with H.264 video in the Flash player. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the new interface and toolbar Working with the motion editor and presets Using the vector data type and other Flash player enhancements
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Hi and welcome to Adobe Flash CS4 New Features. I'm Todd Perkins and I'll be walking you through the new features in Flash CS4. I'm an Adobe Certified Flash instructor and I have written many books and recorded many video training titles in Flash. I absolutely love teaching Flash. Flash CS4 has loads of new features. In this title, we'll take a look at some of the key features that you'll be using when you use Flash CS4. We'll be talking about the new interface, some of the new tools and updated panels.

We'll talk about the new motion tween model. How to work with bones, how to animate them, how to work with 3D elements. We'll talk about some enhancements of the Flash Player. So I hope you are excited.

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