Creating a Portfolio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional

with Paul Trani
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Creating a Portfolio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional
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Flash and ActionScript are ideal for creating flexible, easily updatable web sites that are both unique in design and small in file size. In Creating a Portfolio Web Site Using Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Certified Instructor Paul Trani shows how to exploit Flash to create a web site that showcases work to clients and prospective employers. Find out how to add dynamic navigation, animation, and video to a page, and how to load, sort and display XML that enables portfolio content to be updated without opening Flash. This course is designed to take your existing tweening skills and gotoAndPlay code and walk away with a fully functional Flash site. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing and publishing a Flash web site
  • Designing a professional photo or video portfolio
  • Adding button interactivity
  • Adding functionality to portfolio thumbnails
  • Displaying content with XML
  • Adding audio to portfolio presentations
Flash Professional


(Music playing) Hello! My name is Paul Trani and welcome to Creating a Portfolio Website with Flash CS4 Professional. Now, are you interested in creating a website to show off your work? Then this course is for you. I am going to be really walking you through all of the ins and outs of how to create a robust, flexible portfolio website in Flash from the ground up. I will show you how to incorporate good web design principles, how to create a user-friendly site, including dynamic navigation, eye-catching transitions, multiple content sections, sound to bring your site to life, and of course, I will show you how to display an unlimited number of images, complete with supporting text and links.

Or, what if you want to show off some of your video or film work? No problem, because you will also see how to create a video portfolio. I will even include some of my bonus sites that you can take and modify to your liking. Now, let's get started Creating a Portfolio Website in Flash CS4 Professional.

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Q: While following along with the course, I encountered the following error in Flash CS4: 
1120: Access of undefined property content_mc.
What is causing this error?
A: Flash is looking for something (the content movieclip) with the instance name “content_mc” but it is not finding it. Select the content movieclip on the stage. In the Properties panel give it an instance name of “content_mc”. Make sure there are no spaces before or after. That should resolve the error.
Q: What is the best strategy for integrating 720/60P HD video into a website? Would creating a blank page that opens in full HD resolution be the best way to view the full quality of the HD video file?
A: A video file that large would just be unreasonable for most users to open.  These settings are a good place to start: 600x400is
Audio: 128kbps
Codec: On2VP6
Bitrate level: 1,000kbps
Bitrate Encoding: VBR These are just recommendations, and can be modified to preference. Also keep in mind that in Flash, one of the buttons that can be added is a full screen button, which is part of the skins.
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