Creative Inspirations: Renegade Animation, Animation Studio

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Creative Inspirations: Renegade Animation, Animation Studio
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Renegade Animation has pioneered digital 2D paperless animation with a unique all-Flash workflow—and a bunch of really great cartoons! This installment of Creative Inspirations gives viewers an inside look at this innovative character animation studio. Partners Ashley Postlewaite and Darrell Van Citters describe how they left jobs with major studios to form their own company, and how they have been able to create a successful business that defies all the rules and provide a great working environment in the process. Learn how these renegades have evolved traditional character animation into a completely digital workflow that provides greater creative expression and faster turnaround.

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(upbeat music) (clap) - [Voiceover] Tell me about the show, Goofy. - The show? What show? (clap, beep beep) - We don't have tons and tons of expensive equipment. What we have is people and that's really our key ingredient in what makes us, I think what sets us apart from others. - (laughs) I'm kidding. Come on, we're talking about funny face, right? - My big thing, I mean I suppose you could call it my soapbox, is I don't think the tool should dictate the results.

I think you should dictate the results and that you use a tool to get there. - Ah, well no, it's not like that. It's actually, it's more like-- They didn't tell you what the show was about? Does anybody know what this show is about? Anybody? (clap, beep beep) - In our business, really every character has two actors. It has its voice actor and then it has its animator, who is really the actor who's making that character come to life. - Is that a plantain? Ooh, my cousin married a plantain. You know her parents still aren't speaking to her. (clap, beep beep) - I really have a hard time with saying, "Okay, that's as far as it's gonna go.

"So let's just crank it out." That's not inspiring to me. That doesn't make me want to get up and come in the morning. It's telling stories with characters. - [Voiceover] We were talking about the show. It would be just peachy if you could expand a little on the show. - Oh, absolutely. (gasps) (muffled grunts) Is that good? Because I don't think I can expand anymore! (clap) (upbeat music)

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