Fireworks CS6 New Features

with Ray Villalobos
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Fireworks CS6 New Features
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Join Ray Villalobos as he explores the new features and enhancements to Fireworks, the Adobe web graphic and prototyping application. The course covers color workflow improvements, such as quicker access to colors and new stroke and fill opacity controls, and user experience improvements, such as an expanded UI, an updated file naming convention, and sprite generation. The course also explores the addition of CSS and jQuery, which enhance the interactivity of documents created in Fireworks, and the addition of CSS properties and jQuery Mobile templates, which help integrate Fireworks into web design and development workflows.

Topics include:
  • Exploring overall user interface improvements
  • Understanding the style workflow enhancements
  • Working with the new document titles
  • Working with CSS gradients
  • Exporting sprite graphics
  • Skinning with jQuery Mobile
  • Modifying a jQuery Mobile template


- [Voiceover] Hey there, this is Ray Villalobos and welcome to Fireworks CS6 New Features. In this course, I'm going to show you some of the new features in Adobe Fireworks CS6. I'll start by showing you how the new Fireworks gives you quicker access to color so you can switch from solid fills to gradients or patterns in just a couple of clicks. I'll show you some of the improvements to the panels which include the fill, gradient, path, and layer panels as well as the properties and spector. Then, we'll examine the new CSS properties panel, the sprites cross-browser compatibility code and can generate code for cascading-style sheets.

We'll take a look at how Fireworks can generate sprites and how to use them on a web layout. Finally, we'll take a peek into the jquery mobile template integration that is shipping with this new version of Adobe Fireworks. We'll be covering all these features and more, so let's get started with Adobe Fireworks CS6 New Features.

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