Adding text in a path

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Adding text in a path

As you're adding different objects, whether they're text or graphics, to a design, you might find if you're moving a little fast and being creative that you're not paying really close attention to where those objects are being placed in the Layers panel. We've had three different text object added to this Web page over in the past couple of lessons, and they've all got dropped into the main layer, which is fine in the sense that I can see them pretty easily in the Layers panel, but they aren't really part of the actual groups they need to be in. So before we go any further, I'm just going to reposition some of these things. So I've got my little Lorem ipsum text here.

It's in my trivia section. So I'm going to try and locate my trivia component here, and there it is there in the content region. And again, really easy to move this stuff around, just select the actual object, grab the radio button and drag it down to the layer you want to place that object in. There it's now inside the trivia section, which is really quick and easy to do, little bit of housekeeping for this. Same thing for the text in our sign up window; that's also in the wrong spot. So I'm going to click that object in the Layers panel and drag the radio button down to the sign up section.

And now it is in its rightful place as well. And lastly, we've got our passionate message here. Now this was the very first thing we added in, and I've hidden it from view for the time being. But there it is there, and you might remember that it tends to overlap some elements in our design. We're going to fix that in this lesson, but I want to move it into its rightful location before I go ahead and do that. That particular piece of text belongs in our main article area. So we're just going to grab that and drag it down into our main article layer, just like so. All right.

So we've got things tidied up a little bit, which is nice. What I want to do now is I want to give this text a little more realism, in the sense that when you're dealing with text and images on a Web page, typically, text just doesn't run always in a single column, like this. You'll also find that text wraps around images. And normally, these days it's done using CSS. You'll float the image to the left or right side of a container, and the text will flow around the image. I want to mock up that look inside of Fireworks, and we can do that with a feature called Text in a Path.

Now we have our text already created. What we need to make this work is a path. So I'm going to go ahead and grab my Pen tool. And all I'm going to do is draw a path that sort of mimics the shape that I want the text to wrap through. So I'm going to start over here by my photo, just slightly above the photo. I'm going to click once to set a starting point. And I'm going to hold down my Shift key. I'd like to keep these lines nice and straight if I can, and I'm going to click again. I'm going to go across. Click again. Click down. Click again.

Go back across, and I'm basically creating a customized vector path here, kind of outlining my text. I get right back to the beginning, and now I have one big vector path. Now, at the moment, that we don't see any real difference. That's because we need to group these two elements together. And that's a special command that we're going to use to do this. So first of all, grab my Pointer tool, hold down my Shift key and select my text.

So now I have both the vector path and the text selected. I'm going to go up to my Text menu and choose Attach in Path and watch what happens. Look at that. Very, very quickly, I've mockup a floated image inside of my layout. And the great thing about this is that the text is still editable. The entire path is actually editable. I can go inside the text itself. I can change the text. I can select it. I can alter it. I can change my basic properties without any trouble.

I can also change the path. So if I grab my Subselection tool, for example, I could go ahead and grab one of these control points and drag it. And notice what happens to the text. It starts to follow the new contour. We're not likely to do this kind of thing on a Web page, because Web pages basically work in a grid format. But it does open up some possibilities, if you're doing other types of layout or design. You're not stuck with working with your text in a straight line. I want to do a couple of changes here. I'm going to click on that bottom control handle, and I'll hold down my Shift key and click on the other control handle.

And that selects both of those two control points, and then I can just basically drag them up and reduce the size of the box a little bit. So a pretty interesting feature that we've got here. We've got a great deal of control over what we're doing with this text and making it look very realistic in terms of a Web page mockup.

Adding text in a path
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Adding text in a path provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Jim Babbage as part of the Fireworks CS5 Essential Training

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