Fireworks CS5 New Features

with Jim Babbage
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Fireworks CS5 New Features
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Join author Jim Babbage in Fireworks CS5 New Features for an overview of the most significant changes in Adobe Fireworks CS5. This course covers each of the major improvements to the web graphics creation and optimization program, including integration with Device Central for mobile design, new support for FXG 2.0, and several new productivity features, such as compound vector shapes and document templates. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Using document templates
  • Creating compound vector shapes
  • Controlling, editing, and saving strokes
  • Aligning artwork with the Snap to Pixel command
  • Exporting Fireworks documents as FXG files
  • Performing roundtrip editing between Fireworks and Flash Catalyst
  • Integrating with Device Central
  • Testing the mobile compatibility of Fireworks documents


- Hello and welcome to Fireworks CS5 New Features. I'm Jim Babbage. Fireworks CS5 focuses heavily on productivity, stability, and performance. I just can't wait to show you some of these top new features. I'll show you the new user interface improvements that are designed to speed up your work flow. We'll look at the numerous type of graphic enhancements, again designed to make you work smarter and not harder. I'll cover enhanced new tools like the compound shape tool that makes it easy to create complex vector artwork. We'll sharpen those vector edges with a snap to pixel command and produce higher quality gradient fillers by using the gradient dither tool.

You'll see how easily and accurately you can scale vector artwork right from the properties panel. And we'll check out features like document templates. A great way to get a jumpstart on building out new web and mobile designs. And speaking of mobile, well Fireworks CS5 is tightly integrated with Adobe Device Central. So you can test out your designs in a variety of mobile devices or even start a new design based on an existing device profile. Thanks to FXG 2.0 support, your artwork and designs can be ported over to applications like Flash Catalyst with a high degree of fidelity.

I think you'll be really pleased with this new release. So let's get started exploring Fireworks CS5 New Features.

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