Fireworks CS5 Essential Training

with Jim Babbage
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Fireworks CS5 Essential Training
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In Fireworks CS5 Essential Training, author Jim Babbage gives a detailed overview of Fireworks CS5, Adobe's software for creating and optimizing web graphics and interactive prototypes. This course includes a detailed tour of the interface, the enhanced PNG format, and the image editing toolset in Fireworks. Critical concepts, such as prototyping for HTML applications and working with symbols, the heart of an efficient workflow in Fireworks, are covered in detail. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Working with pages, layers, and states
  • Importing content
  • Comparing bitmaps and vectors
  • Creating and editing vector shapes
  • Converting artwork into graphic, button, and animation symbols
  • Animating in Fireworks
  • Maintaining crisp text in web images
  • Sharing content between pages
  • Optimizing images for export
  • Integrating with Device Central, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Flash Catalyst


- Hello and welcome to Fireworks CS5 Essential Training. I'm Jim Babbage. Fireworks is a hybrid vector and bitmap imaging application. It's ideally suited for creating and editing screen graphics. But it's also a powerful program for creating interactive prototypes in a variety of formats. If you're brand new to Fireworks, then Essential Training is the perfect course for you. If you've been working with the program for awhile, you may want to check out the Fireworks New Features title to catch up on the latest upgrades to Fireworks. In this course, I'll be giving you a detailed tour of the interface, so that you can find things easily, and even show you how to customize your workspace so it perfectly suits your working style.

I'll get you comfortable with working with the Fireworks enhanced PNG format, as well as importing and exporting files to and from programs including Illustator and Photoshop. You'll see how to use the Vector and Bitmap tools to create and edit your own images and designs. We'll look at the use of symbols, which are really at the heart of an efficient workflow. I'll show you how to use Fireworks as a rapid prototyping tool for HTML and application designs. And we'll also take a look at CSS-based export. I've put a lot of thought into making this course.

It's one of my favorite applications. If you stick with Essential Training, I think you'll see why Fireworks is the choice of so many professionals. Now let's get started with Fireworks CS5 Essential Training.

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