Fireworks CS4 New Features

with Jim Babbage
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Fireworks CS4 New Features
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In Fireworks CS4 New Features, Jim Babbage guides users through the most important changes in Adobe's Fireworks CS4. These changes demonstrate how Fireworks has grown into a solid graphics tool with a strong focus on rapid prototyping of websites and other rich media applications. Jim explains the improvements to the new interfaces for preferences and commands, details several new productivity features, and walks through the process of prototyping a web design.

Topics include:
  • Using the enhanced vector tools and the 9-Slice Scaling tool Editing symbols Rendering and wrapping text Using Live Styles and the Styles panel Creating interactive PDFs


- Hello and welcome to Fireworks CS4 New Features. I'm Jim Babbage. As a college professor who teaches photography, digital imaging, and web design I've worked with Fireworks on a daily basis since version one. If you thought Fireworks did a lot for you before, wait until you see the new features. I'll show you the user interface that is common to other CS4 products including Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. It makes it much easier to move between these products. We'll look at the various Fireworks preferences that have been consolidated into a single panel so that they're now in one handy location. I'll cover enhanced and new tools like the brand new measure tool that yields pixel precise measurements and the enhanced nine-slice scaling tool that is now available for intelligently scaling any object in Fireworks.

We'll check out tools such as the new tool tips in smart guides that significantly improve the layout functionality of Fireworks for creating web design prototypes and we'll explore how to combine existing features with new features. We'll add hotspots to a multi-page Fireworks document and turn it into an interactive PDF file. A very exciting and practical new feature in Fireworks. There are a lot of innovative upgrades in this version of Fireworks and I'm looking forward to introducing you to them. If you're brand new to Fireworks, you might wanna check out Getting Started with Fireworks or the Fireworks Essential Training title to get up to speed. When you're done with that, come on back and I'll be here to show you some great ways to use the new features of this application.

So let's get started exploring Fireworks CS4 New Features.

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