Fireworks CS4 Getting Started

with Jim Babbage
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Fireworks CS4 Getting Started
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Fireworks has come a long way from its roots as a screen graphics editor. As Jim Babbage demonstrates in Fireworks CS4 Getting Started, the latest release can serve as a rapid prototyping tool for a variety of uses--a central hub in the design and production workflow. Since Fireworks is a hybrid imaging application, able to seamlessly mix vector and bitmap images, layered Illustrator and Photoshop documents can be imported, edited, and restructured. Jim shows how to customize the interface and use layout tools like Smart Guides and the 9-Slice Scaling tool to quickly position and align objects on the canvas. He also discusses a variety of delivery options, including web-optimized graphics, interactive PDFs, AIR prototypes, and standards-compliant CSS and HTML. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Importing and exporting images Measuring distances between guides for precise positioning Editing symbols in place Creating multi-page HTML click-through prototypes


(funky opening jingle) - [Voiceover] I'm Jim Babbage and this is Fireworks CS4 Getting Started. Fireworks is a hybrid vector and bitmap imaging application that's ideally suited for creating and editing screen graphics, but it's also a powerful program for creating interactive prototypes in a variety of formats including HTML, AIR and PDF. As a college professor who teaches photography, digital imaging and web design, I've worked with Fireworks on a daily basis since version one. If you're new to Fireworks, Getting Started is a perfect course for you.

Then after learning the basics you can move on to Fireworks Essential training, where we delve deeper and really make Fireworks sparkle, so just what will you learn to get started? Well first, we'll go over the interface so you can quickly find everything you're looking for. Then I'll show you how to easily import and export images for use in Fireworks and other applications such as Photoshop. Also we'll go over features such as smart guides and tool tips that make Fireworks layout functionality quite powerful and intuitive. And you'll learn how to create HTML quick-throughs and interactive PDF documents and even be able to export CSS and images from your design projects, and finally we'll even explore how to create prototypes of desktop AIR applications, so with that let's get going with Fireworks CS4 Getting Started.

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