Fireworks CS3 Essential Training

with Tom Green
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Fireworks CS3 Essential Training
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Fireworks CS3 Essential Training is all about using each tool in this tremendously powerful application to its full potential to make amazing web graphics. From understanding the interface to importing Photoshop and Illustrator files, from formatting text to editing and optimizing images, instructor Tom Green covers all the skills needed to best create and edit all kinds of web-based graphics. Exercise files accompany the training.



Well hello there. And welcome to Adobe Fireworks CS3 Essential Training and you're loOKing at that picture wondering who is this guy? Well my name is Tom Green. I am the professor of interactive multimedia with a college in Toronto, Humber College, and Toronto is located in Canada, and that means that as we go through this you may hear the odd Canadianism such eh. As we go through this series though you're going to discover that Fireworks CS3 has actually had its molecules turned inside out and rearranged.

There is a lot under the hood with this application and we're going to have a lot of fun with it. We're going to start with the basics right in Chapter 1 and then we're going to just work all our way through a variety of tasks and little exercises and things like that that will introduce you to using the keyboard, using the mouse, creating interactive presentations, using symbols, the whole bit and we're going to wind it up with creating Flash animations and creating symbols that are used in Flash. You're about to discover that this is one very deep, deep application that is going to result in a major productivity boost for you if you're a web developer.

Lets have some fun, let's jump into the application and let's get started.

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