Soundtrack Pro Essential Training

with Larry Jordan
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Soundtrack Pro Essential Training
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Whether you want to make your own music to publish, or create dialogue tracks and scores for video, Soundtrack Pro is a great choice. Soundtrack Pro Essential Training starts with the basics of the interface, then explores the many professional effects plug-ins, sound effects, and sample music files that are included with the program. Larry Jordan shares his techniques for creating music, mixing media and effects, understanding when and how to use filters, adding or removing ambient noise in sound files, and editing audio from Final Cut Pro projects. Covering everything from composition to post-production workflow, Larry will have you adding, arranging, mixing and editing tracks in no time. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • The mathematics and basics of audio
  • Setting up the interface and preferences
  • Creating music from scratch
  • Using the Apple Loop Utility and its thousands of included files
  • Non-destructive vs. destructive editing
  • Working with Final Cut Pro files
  • Repairing audio
  • Audio mixing
  • How and when to use filters
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Soundtrack Pro


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