Soundtrack Pro Audio Filters

with Larry Jordan
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Soundtrack Pro Audio Filters
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Soundtrack Pro, Apple's audio editing and sound design application, is ideal for creating dialogue tracks and music scores. The program's filters allow users to customize and further enhance any type of sound clip. In Soundtrack Pro Audio Filters, Apple-certified instructor Larry Jordan explains when and how to use filters in audio editing and sound design. He reviews each filter individually to show how it works, the benefits of using it, and when it should be used. From distortion to varying degrees of modulation and delay, Jordan explains the function of each Soundtrack Pro filter in depth, and covers how to best apply each one to a professional project.

Topics include:
  • Understanding Soundtrack Pro filters
  • Using dynamic effects such as Gain, Limiter, and Compressor
  • Applying distortion effects such as Bitcrusher and Overdrive
  • Understanding EQ and Filter
  • Adding Modulation, including Chorus and Tremolo
  • Applying Reverb and Delay
  • Using the Space Designer
  • Using Meters and Diagnostics
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Soundtrack Pro


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