Motion 2 Essential Training

with Larry Jordan
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Motion 2 Essential Training
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Motion 2 Essential Training is designed for digital video editors who need to create commercials, titling, lower thirds, music videos, and other features that require moving graphics. Expert instructor Larry Jordan explains how to best use Motion 2 to fit the objectives of any project. He describes in detail the secrets and shortcuts used by pros to do everything from dissecting and customizing the Motion 2.0 interface to creating keyframes and shapes. The training also covers the process of combining still images, movies, and visual effects from scratch or using one of Motion 2's many templates. Exercise files accompany this tutorial, allowing viewers to follow along and learn at their own pace.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the interface
  • Creating stationary and moving text
  • Using Generators
  • Using the Project pane
  • Creating shapes
  • Creating keyframes
  • Using Blend modes
  • Making chroma keys
  • Using Motion templates
  • Roundtripping between Motion and other applications


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