Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training

with Rick Allen Lippert
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Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training
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Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training explains the importance of this audio component of Final Cut Studio in a professional video workflow. Apple Certified Final Cut Studio Trainer Rick Allen Lippert shows how to set up an effective Soundtrack Pro system and establish a fundamental workflow, from simple audio processing to final mixdown and exporting. Rick explains how to roundtrip from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro to perform noise reduction and sweeten audio, and shows how to use the provided loops and sound effects to enhance a project. He also demonstrates how simple it is to create a podcast with Soundtrack Pro 3, and to record voiceovers and vocals directly into the system. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Editing an audio file with a non-destructive workflow
  • Analyzing and fixing problems in a mix with processing tools
  • Setting multitrack preferences for a stable import
  • Recording multiple takes and using the Multitake Editor to create a final file
  • Creating a usable song from the provided music loops
  • Mastering multitrack projects and exporting a master mix
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Soundtrack Pro


(funky opening jingle) - Hi, I'm Rick Allen Lippert and I'd like to welcome you to Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training. Soundtrack Pro is a powerful audio editing and creating application that is part of the Final Cut Studio suite. You can use it by itself to create music and other audio projects, or you can use it in combination with Final Cut Pro to enhance your video projects. In this course I'll show you how to round trip from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro and back to perform a very cool noise reduction of a single audio file, and also to sweeten an entire sequence with a music bed, music loops and sound effects using assets that come bundled with the app.

I'll cover the workflow from setting up your system to the final mix down and exporting. We'll explore recording and editing single take and multi-take voiceover recordings, and we'll see how easy it is to create podcasts with Soundtrack Pro. As a 30 year video veteran and an Apple Certified Final Cut Studio master trainer, I'm excited to have this chance to show you how easy it is to make your projects sound the best they can. Now let's get started with Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training.

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