Motion 4 Essential Training

with Ian Robinson
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Motion 4 Essential Training
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In Motion 4 Essential Training, Ian Robinson shows how to start building outstanding motion graphics and animations for video production. He demonstrates how to build custom text animations with the new Adjust Glyph tool and explores Motion’s amazing real-time 3D tools. Ian highlights working in the 3D space, creating depth with lights and shadows, and using reflections to add realism. He gives practical advice on how to integrate Motion into a professional video workflow, round-tripping with Final Cut Pro and sending a final project to Compressor. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the toolbar and setting the essential preferences to get started
  • Adding .mov files, still images, and Photoshop and Illustrator assets to a project
  • Animating with behaviors and keyframes
  • Creating 3D animations with lighting accents, shadows, and reflections
  • Creating simple and complex particle systems
  • Creating real viewer interest with Focus Behavior and the 3D Camera Framing behavior


- Hi, I'm Ian Robinson and welcome to Motion 4 Essential Training. Motion is Apple's real time motion graphics design application and a key component of the Final Cut Studio package. In this course, I'll show you the basic tools you'll need to get up and running fast as we explore how you can easily build engaging visual elements that look complex using generators and particle systems. We'll go to the next dimension as we explore Motion's amazing real time 3d tools, easily animating cameras and lighting scenes. And for those motion veterans, we'll also check out some of the great new features like the realistic shadows, reflections, and for you typography fans, the glyph tool, which lets you set and animate individual text characters.

I've been teaching Motion since version one and I've been designing Motion graphics professionally for over 10 years for clients like Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I think you'll find a lot to get excited about as we go through Motion 4 Essential Training.

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