Final Cut Studio: Round-Tripping

with Jason Osder
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Final Cut Studio: Round-Tripping
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In Final Cut Studio: Round-Tripping, Jason Osder shows how to unleash the potential of Final Cut Studio with the help of other applications in Apple’s video and audio editing suite. This course covers moving projects through the round-trip workflow, including designing motion graphics in Motion 4, performing color corrections in Color 1.5, and mixing and sweetening sound in Final Cut Pro 7 and Soundtrack Pro 3. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Using audio from Final Cut Pro in Motion or Soundtrack Pro
  • Enhancing motion effects made in Final Cut Pro in Motion
  • Working with a multitrack project
  • Matching EQ levels with Soundtrack Pro
  • Refining Final Cut Pro 3-way corrections in Color
  • Preparing the timeline for Color
  • Reconforming projects
  • Sending a sequence to Compressor for output
  • Transcoding for DSLR and other workflows
  • Automating compression
  • Using the Final Cut Pro to Compressor to DVD Studio Pro workflow
  • Making a still menu
Final Cut Studio


- Hi, I'm Jason Osder and I'd like to welcome you to Final Cut Studio Round-Tripping. In this course, I'll show you how to effectively integrate Final Cut Pro with the other applications in Final Cut Studio. First, I'll go over making basic round trips with each studio application then we'll go deeper to see how each program has unique ways of interacting with Final Cut Pro. We'll see advance techniques that allow automation and templating so that repetitive tasks take less time.

Finally, we'll see some workflow techniques that might not be obvious like re-conforming a project in color or Sound Track Pro if the edit changes and pre-processing DSL or footage with compressor. If you have some experience with Final Cut Pro but haven't yet branched out into the other applications of the studio, or if you've tried round trips and gotten confused, this course will help you master these workflows. There can be no doubt that Final Cut Studio has brought unprecedented, post-production power to the Mac.

And I've spent my career helping all sorts of people use these tools to achieve the most professional results. So let's get started with Final Cut Studio Round-Tripping.

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