Motion 3 Essential Training

with Ian Robinson
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Motion 3 Essential Training
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The real-time engine in Motion 3, a component of Apple's Final Cut Studio 2, gives motion graphics designers the freedom to continually experiment and adjust while they work. Ian Robinson explores how to get the most from this unique application, while also sharing his own essential motion graphics techniques. Along with teaching the fundamentals of video and audio work, he looks at Motion 3's new 3D tools in depth. Ian demonstrates the use of behaviors to create organic movement in particle systems and camera moves without keyframes. He also discusses effective integration with the other Final Cut Studio applications, and much more. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Adding assets to the Library Working with layers and groups Applying single or multiple behaviors Manipulating keyframes Animating text Applying and adjusting filters Understanding different types of keying Using masks and shapes Generating a background or transition with generators Replicating an object or video file with replicators Understanding paint Using lights and cameras Retiming footage using behaviors and the Inspector Tracking motion with Match Move


Hello! I'm Ian Robinson and welcome to Motion 3 Essential Training. In this course, I'm going to give you the tools you'll need to understand the essentials in Motion, and more importantly some essential techniques for motion graphics. Just so you know where I'm coming from, in addition to being a teacher I'm also a professional motion graphic designer. I'm President and co-owner of SoftBox Media and I have done a lot of work with the Discovery Channel Networks, National Geographic and a number of other post production and production facilities. I love using Motion primarily because of its real-time capabilities. It really helps me turnaround those tight deadline projects. Its integration with Final Cut Pro is also another huge asset especially when I'm working in a collaborative environment with other editors. Motion 3's new addition of 3D now puts me into place where I can use Motion as my primary motion graphic application. So let's get started.

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Q: When attempting to use an Illustrator file in Motion (the exercise file), the file will not import.  What is causing this issue?
A: If Motion is not importing the .AI (Adobe Illustrator) files correctly, see the instructions for using Illustrator files with Motion here:
An important step is to make sure the Illustrator files have PDF compatibility turned on. To do this, open the files in Illustrator and check the “Create PDF Compatible File” option in the Save dialog box. Another option is to save the file as a PDF before importing it into Motion.
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