Final Cut Server 1.5 Getting Started

with Robbie Carman
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Final Cut Server 1.5 Getting Started
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In Final Cut Server 1.5 Getting Started, Robbie Carman shows how to set up, administer, and integrate Final Cut Server into a production workflow and keep digital assets safe and organized. The course covers installing the server and client software, configuring users and groups, uploading assets, and using the check-in/check-out procedure for working with files. Archiving, automation, and metadata customization techniques are also covered. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding how Final Cut Server works
  • Final Cut Server terminology
  • Installing the server and client software
  • Uploading assets via drag and drop
  • Using watchers and scans to automatically add assets to Final Cut Server
  • Searching and viewing assets
  • Adding assets to the cache
  • Working with and customizing metadata
  • Creating simple automations
  • Backing up the server catalog and archiving assets
  • Troubleshooting
Final Cut Server


- Hi, I'm Robbie Carman, and I'd like to welcome you to Final Cut Server 1.5 Getting Started. Final Cut Server is a media asset management tool, and what Final Cut Server allows you to do is catalog assets or media of various types that previously might have been in many different locations. This could be a really efficient way of streamlining workflows for Final Cut Pro editors. But you could also take advantage of Final Cut Server to organize tons of media assets for other applications like Photoshop, After Effects, even Microsoft Word.

It's not just limited to Final Cut Pro users. But what's really exciting is how scalable it is. You can use this system to streamline the workflow for a single work station or an entire studio full of editors all competing for the same assets. In this course, we'll demystify what Final Cut Server does, Getting you up to speed with the basics of setting up and running the system. We'll explore getting assets into Final Cut Server and out of it so you can use them in your own project. I'll show you how to add metadata to your clips and annotate assets.

I'll also show you how to work with Final Cut Studio projects, taking advantage of Final Cut Server's versioning feature. After going through the basics of using Final Cut Server, I'll show you how you can customize things like metadata and automation to facilitate workflows that can save you time and money. As someone who utilizes Final Cut Server in my own projects and owns a company that uses Final Cut Server everyday, I'm excited to help you get acquainted with Apple's powerful media asset management tool. Now, let's dive into exploring Final Cut Server 1.5.

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