Importing folders and stills as keyword collections

show more Importing folders and stills as keyword collections provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Diana Weynand as part of the Effective Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9 show less
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Importing folders and stills as keyword collections

I love efficiency and I hate redundancy. I'm always happy when something I've done can be used again. If you share that feeling then you're in luck, because the work you did gathering your elements into folders on the desktop level can be used when you're importing those clips into an event in Final Cut Pro. You can even import stills you've already edited from Aperture or iPhoto. Let's start in Final Cut Pro. I created a Storytelling with FCP X virtual drive. This is going to be my target drive.

First, I'm going to start by creating a new event. Let's call this event DP for Delicious Peace, Storytelling, and let's click Import Files. We're going to import all the files in our DP STORYTELLING folder, except for the very last one, which is in the Unused folder. Now, all of these folders will be used to create a keyword collection and when you have taken the time to screen clips and create additional folders, such as these in the B-Roll folder, this is another keyword that's going to be added to this group of clips.

So let's go ahead and choose B-Roll, and then I'm going to Shift+Click Stills to include all of these folders. We're going to add these to the existing event DP Storytelling, and we're going to Copy the files to a Final Cut Events folder and Import folders as Keyword Collections. We're going to just skip over the rest of these importing options and choose Import. So even though there is still some processing going on in the background as Final Cut imports this media, the first thing that you see is all the different keyword collections that appear in our DP Storytelling event, and notice that when you click on B-Roll, you see a combination of graphics, of animals, of Uganda footage, and even of American footage.

If we click on this clip, and click the key icon, it brings up the Keyword Editor and it shows us that there are two keywords attached to this clip. B-Roll because it was in the B-Roll folder, and America, because it was also in the subfolder called America. This will be a great asset to you when you start to search for clips, and simply from being able to organize them here in the Event Library. Then just as you can import clips and stills, we have imported the stills here.

Notice that in the Stills, there are a few different stills. For example, there is a still right here that would be great to use, it's with the kids and the Kawomera sign, but there is some text under it. So if someone, yourself, or someone else has been working in editing on the stills that were shot for the project, don't forget that you have a Media Browser. And when you get into the Media Browser, in this case we're in iPhoto, you can also import from Aperture as well, you get access to edited clips and in this case the kid's image was cropped, which is how you probably want to use it in your story.

This image called piggy back, is a beautiful image of a boy carrying a sibling, but notice in the original it's very green, and in the edited version it creates a nice vignette. So if you feel that the work that's been done, editing the stills in an application such as iPhoto or Aperture, if you feel that those take you further along the process then by all means go ahead and select them all and drag them into a waiting keyword collection. First, before we drag them into our event, let's create a new keyword collection, and in order for the stills to appear together I'm going to name this keyword collection Stills Fixed, that places it right next to the original stills.

In the Media Browser, I'm going to select all of these still images and drag them into the Stills Fixed keyword collection. Now, when we scroll through we see we have the clip that's been cropped of the kids and the sign, and also the beautiful clip of the boy carrying his sibling. So this is a great way to get you started. Could you bypass creating folders on your desktop since Final Cut Pro does it for you? Of course you could.

The thing you'd miss out on starting the repetitive screening process to listen to what a clip wants to say, and that would put you at a disadvantage in knowing more about your story sooner.

Importing folders and stills as keyword collections
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Importing folders and stills as keyword collections provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Diana Weynand as part of the Effective Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9

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