Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing

with Larry Jordan
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Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing
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Starting with his system for getting organized and ending with final output, Apple Certified Trainer Larry Jordan covers all the details of creating and editing with Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing. He provides an in-depth overview of the application and its interface, and demonstrates how to plan, create, edit, and export professional digital video projects. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Final Cut Pro

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Hi, my name is Larry Jordan and welcome to Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Editing. The purpose of this title is to help the new or the self- taught Final Cut Pro editor make the most of Final Cut Pro 6. Now, if you've been using Final Cut for a while, you might be more interested in our Final Cut Pro 6 New Features title, which just focuses on what's new in the software, or if you're having some problems with Final Cut, Optimizing and Troubleshooting your Final Cut system is also another title you might consider. And shortly we'll have a second title in this series called Final Cut Pro 6 Essential Effects, which will talk about how to work with text and graphics generators, clip speed changes, motion effects, filter effects, and integration with other Studio applications.

But this title is going to show you how to get organized, how to setup your system, how to learn the Final Cut interface editing and trimming, working with audio transitions, importing and exporting, capture and output, and the basics of media management. Now if you've been wondering what's new inside Final Cut 6, there are several features: the open format timeline, the ProRes 422 codec, simplified setup, audio normalization and gain, SmoothCam, the FXPlug filters, motion templates and integration. Now the last three, SmoothCam, FXPlug filters and motion templates, we'll talk about those in the Essential Effects title, and if you don't understand what the first four are, not to panic, by the time this training is over, you'll be a wizard. Now that we understand what we're going to be covering in this title, let's get ourselves started by getting organized.

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