Final Cut Pro 7 Essential Training

with Abba Shapiro
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Final Cut Pro 7 Essential Training
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Final Cut Pro 7 Essential Training demonstrates why Final Cut Pro is the primary tool for professional video editors. It gives users access to nonlinear editing workflows, collaboration features, and creative tools. Apple Certified instructor Abba Shapiro teaches the core features and tools that will take a hodgepodge of video clips and turn them into a finished project. He moves through the entire process, from selecting and refining the best takes to building a story. Using advanced editing techniques, he shows how to refine that story into a tight and effective show. Abba covers all the steps needed to get up and running, cut a story, mix audio, and deliver a final project. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Preparing for an optimal Final Cut Pro editing experience
  • Taking control of the Timeline by mastering the interface and learning the best keyboard shortcuts
  • Learning the best practices for bringing clips into the Timeline
  • Refining the Timeline with Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide edits
  • Performing quick and easy color corrections
  • Understanding and using the new markers features
  • Importing video and audio files from tape, P2 media cards, and music CDs
  • Understanding how to shoot and edit with multiple cameras
  • Sharing a finished project on DVD, an MP3 player, or YouTube
Final Cut Pro


(Music playing) Hi! I'm Abba Shapiro and welcome to Final Cut Pro 7 Essential Training. If you are new to the application, you will learn everything you need to know to build a show. If you are using Final Cut Pro already, you will learn about many of the new features of Final Cut Pro 7, and discover how you can work smarter and faster. Some of the areas that we'll cover include using keyboard shortcuts to quickly scan, select, and edit your media, mixing audio, working with transitions and filters, and color correcting your footage.

We will also explore some advanced editing techniques, such as zooming in and around still images, and stabilizing bumpy shots with the SmoothCam Filter. Now let's explore Final Cut Pro 7.

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Q: Is there a course in the Online Training Library that teaches more about burning Blu-ray Discs? Is Final Cut Pro a good tool for Blu-ray?
A: Final Cut Pro’s ability to burn Blu-ray Discs is very limited. Apple markets the functionality more as the ability to "create a Blu-ray screener." A good alternative to Final Cut Pro for Blu-ray authoring is Adobe Encore. If you want to author a more complex Blu-ray Disc, check out Chapter 17 of the Encore CS5 Essential Training, and the movie “About Blu-ray Discs and HD Video.”
Q: What is the quickest way to set up hardware with Final Cut Pro?
A: The easiest way to set up hardware in Final Cut Pro (version 7 and above) is, fittingly, the Easy Setup. Go to the Final Cut > Easy Setup and select the options that best fit the hardware being used. 
Q: How does one open the exercise files that come with the course? When trying to import the files in Final Cut Pro, they are visible, but not selectable/grayed out. What is the reason for this?
A: The project files cannot be opened from within the application. The Import command is only used for media files. Simply double-click on the exercise files from the Finder to open the files in Final Cut Pro.
Q: When attempting to import the exercise file in the "Fit to Fill" video, the clip icon displays properly and the video appears in the canvas. However, after going to the beginning of the Timeline and attempting to play the video, it displays as "Unrendered" in the Canvas window. How can this be fixed?
A: Make sure Unlimited RT is checked in the upper left corner of the Timeline window. Unlimited RT will push the computer as hard as possible. Playback may have dropped frames. This is normal and OK. Clips will automatically render on export.
The clip can also be rendered by pressing Cmd+R and will play without dropped frames and full resolution.
Q: Is there a setting in Final Cut Pro that will enable the use of the Log and Capture function when importing video from a digital camera, specifically, a Canon 5D Mark II? Despite following the instructions in the Chapter 14 movie “Preparing for log and capture," the Log and Capture function does not work.
A: First off, when importing tapeless media, the Log and Transfer function must be used, not Log and Capture. See “The Log and Transfer window” video in Chapter 14. Secondly, the media must be connected through a card reader, not the camera, in order to import the video. Lastly, make sure to install the Canon Final Cut plug-in as well as the latest Canon 5D Mark II firmware, which updates some of the video functions.
Q: At about 1:40 in the "Taking control of your timeline" video, the author states that by holding the Command key and adjusting the track height, all audio or video tracks will follow. However, this doesn’t work for me, but works with the Option key. Is this a custom keyboard shortcut the author uses?
A: This is an error in the video. The Option key is indeed the correct key to use to adjust the track heights, not the Command key.
Q: The author asks us to reassign some commands, using system preferences. When using the Mountain Lion operating system, the Exposé window is not available. Is there a workaround for this operating system? Will I have these kinds of compatibility problems throughout the training?
A: Mountain Lion uses "Mission Control" in settings. F9 and F10 no longer need to be remapped and F11 and f12 can be. There should be no other foreseeable issues following along with the course.
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