Final Cut Express 4 Essential Training

with Lonzell Watson
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Final Cut Express 4 Essential Training
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Final Cut Express 4 has brought professional video editing to the weekend editor. In Final Cut Express 4 Essential Training, Final Cut Pro Certified Professional and digital video specialist Lonzell Watson teaches the fundamentals of this software. He shows how Final Cut Express, along with its included program, LiveType 2, offers the power to create animated graphics, perform detailed color correction for broadcast-safe results, and make audio edits. He also provides detailed instruction on how to get finished videos out to the world through DVD authoring, exporting to the web, and optimizing for iPods and other mobile devices. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Adjusting the workspace and preferences for any video creator
  • Bringing content in from outside sources, including tape, photos, and iMovie '08 projects
  • Creating a story through storyboarding, editing with audio cues, and setting transitions
  • Understanding the difference between Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro
  • Using LiveType 2 to create engaging titles and credit rolls
  • Performing background replacements with chroma keying
  • Creating effects with FX plug-ins
Final Cut Express


- [Voiceover] Hi, this is Lonzell Watson, professional television director and producer. I'll be the instructor for your essential training for Apple Final Cut Express 4. The purpose of this course, is to give you an extensive overview of the post production process as it pertains to Final Cut Express 4, so that you can immediately go out and create your own video work of art. This training has been laid out to follow the same workflow that I use personally as a professional video editor. You'll also practice how to put your story together by storyboarding and creating rough cuts of your movie.

Then we'll refine that rough cut into a polished professional presentation and add sleek animated titles with Apple LiveType. After we complete our tour of the Final Cut Express interface, I'll show you how to create some attention grabbing video by creating effects using chroming, advanced composing, animating still photos, customizing special effects, and creating custom transitions. Last, but definitely not least, what's good in having an amazing piece of video if no one sees it? So we'll wrap up by showing you how to serve your video for the web, for DVD distribution, and for playback on the iPod.

You'll learn all this and more in Final Cut Express Essential Training from Now let's jump in and--

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