FileMaker 13 New Features

with Cris Ippolite
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FileMaker 13 New Features
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Cris Ippolite is your guide in this tour of the new and enhanced features in the entire FileMaker 13 platform. Learn how to work with styles and object visibility; add objects like popovers and slide controls to your layouts in FileMaker Pro; share your database with FileMaker Server 13; and publish it to a web browser with WebDirect. Cris also reviews the scripting and calculation enhancements and improvements in the FileMaker Go app for iOS.

Topics include:
  • An overview of the new FileMaker 13 platform
  • Working with Object States
  • Defining custom styles
  • Creating new themes
  • Object visibility
  • Applying Active state to portal rows and lists
  • Outer and inner shadow and padding
  • Working with popovers
  • FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console
  • Uploading files to FileMaker Server 13
  • Performing scripts on the server
  • New FileMaker script triggers
  • Base64 encoding and decoding
  • The new Get functions
  • Introducing WebDirect
  • The new FileMaker Go 13
  • Custom iOS keyboard types
  • Barcode scanning
FileMaker Pro


- Hi, I'm Cris Ippolite, and welcome to FileMaker Pro 13 New Features. I'll be your guide as we tour the exciting new features of the FileMaker 13 platform. In FileMaker Pro 13 New Features, you'll learn how to work with styles inside your layouts, and new layout design tools and controls that weren't available in previous versions. I'll introduce you to new layout objects, like popovers and slide controls, and I'll show you new ways to share your database on the improved FileMaker Server 13. We'll take a closer look at script and calculation enhancements, and I'm also excited to introduce you to some options for publishing your databases via the new WebDirect option, or even the improved FileMaker Go for 13.

Throughout this course, I'll be providing guidance and examples based on my experiences with my clients. We'll also be working with the modified version of the newly designed starter solutions that will act as an example for all of your needs throughout the title. And now, without further delay, it's time for us to dive into FileMaker Pro 13 New Features.

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