Divvy-Up for FileMaker 8

with Vincenzo Menanno
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Divvy-Up for FileMaker 8
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In this training, Vincenzo Menanno introduces Divvy-Up, a sales disbursement and expense tracking tool that allows users to record product development costs and divvy up the proceeds when sales start coming in. Divvy-Up makes this process painless and generates partner reports to include with payments. Vincenzo demonstrates how to use every facet of Divvy-Up, from managing multiple participants with varying levels of input to tracking expenses and labor and paying partners fairly to recording commissions and royalty payments. The training teaches users how to take advantage of Divvy-Up to work better as a team and ensure accurate reporting and accountability in complex situations. Find out more at http://www.fmnexus.com/products/divvyup

Topics include:
  • Who would use Divvy-Up Registering Divvy-Up Adding Divvy-Up partners Entering product info Assigning partners to roles Entering expenses, labor, disbursements, and sales Partner reports The Product Summary report
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About Divvy-Up

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