Account Manager for FileMaker 8

with Vincenzo Menanno
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Account Manager for FileMaker 8
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In this tutorial, Vincenzo Menanno introduces FileMaker Server database administrators to Account Manager's powerful features. Account Manager is especially useful for companies that need to manage many users and many databases and don't have support for Active Directory or Open Directory. Vincenzo teaches administrators how to take full advantage of its capabilities, including administering users, managing access, and notifying users on the fly. He also covers how to import a list of users and grant them access to database privileges and how to disable server access and display a notification during maintenance. Vincenzo also demonstrates how to set password validation and deactivate or set an expiration date for a user account. Find out more at

Topics include:
  • Who would use Account Manager Hosting Account Manager Adding users Importing accounts Assigning privileges Creating a user login The Privileges report The User Log report
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About Account Manager

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