FileMaker Pro 8.5 New Features

with Cris Ippolite
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FileMaker Pro 8.5 New Features
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Not long after the release of FileMaker Pro 8 -- one of the most popular and powerful database applications for both Mac and Windows -- FileMaker, Inc. brings us version 8.5. Significant features have been added in this upgrade, including the FileMaker Web Viewer, which allows the addition of a live web page within a record. The new version also includes object functions and scripts, which offer more control over functions, as well as support for Intel-based Macs. Cris Ippolite addresses each of these new features in detail. FileMaker Pro 8 Essential Training, also available in the Online Training Library™, is recommended as a companion to this title, especially for those new to the application. Exercise files accompany the training videos.

Topics include:
  • Using the FileMaker Web Viewer Setting up the Web Viewer using templates Configuring the Web Viewer setup dialog Utilizing the List Function Naming Objects Using the Go to Object script step Using the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function Integrating Flash and FileMaker
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