FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training

with Vincenzo Menanno
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FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training
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FileMaker Pro 7 Essential Training with Vincenzo Menanno is a movie-based tutorial for those new to FileMaker Pro 7, the tool of choice for many data management needs. Previous users of FileMaker Pro will also benefit from the description of key concepts. The workshop begins with a discussion of two fundamental concepts for mastering the underlying philosophy of FileMaker Pro 7, and quickly advances, using examples of a small business solution and a school database to demonstrate the new relationship model, the differences between Tables and Table Occurrences, and the full-featured and unified security model. Exercise files are included, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Key concepts for grasping 7.0
  • Tables vs. table occurrences
  • Understanding relationships
  • Creating calculations using context
  • The power of the relationships graph
  • Converting from older versions
  • Creating portals
  • Record locking
  • Exploring ScriptMaker
FileMaker Pro


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