FileMaker Pro 11 New Features

with Cris Ippolite
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FileMaker Pro 11 New Features
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In FileMaker Pro 11 New Features, author Cris Ippolite explores the rich toolset available to database developers in FileMaker Pro 11. This course includes visualizing data with FileMaker Charts, filtering portals, and applying Quick Find to layouts. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Navigating layouts with the Manage Layouts window
  • Creating charts from current record, related, or current found set data
  • Searching data with Quick Find
  • Setting up a recurring import
  • Highlighting text
  • Exploring Script Trigger enhancements
  • Creating snapshot links
  • Using the Instant Web Publishing toolbar
  • Securing data with external table security
FileMaker Pro


- Hi, I'm Chris Ippolite, and welcome to FileMaker Pro 11 New Features. FileMaker Pro is the leading desktop database software popular for its ease of use and is used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individuals who just want to be a little bit more organized. In this title, I'll show you how to control the objects in your database in layout mode with the new inspector panel. We'll spend some time maximizing the efficiency of your workflow with FileMaker's portal filtering capabilities and the new quick find feature. I'll teach you how to set up reoccurring import to automate your process, then I'll show you how to build interesting and attractive reports using both the improved Report assistant and the new charting feature.

Throughout this course, I'll be providing guidance and examples based on actual experiences I've had using FileMaker Pro 11. I'll be your guide through this course. So, let's dive right in with FileMaker Pro 11 New Features.

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