FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training

with Cris Ippolite
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FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training
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In FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training, Cris Ippolite demonstrates the principal features and functions of this popular database software, including creating tables and relationships, managing fields and records, and working with layouts. The course shows FileMaker developers how to find, sort, and share data as well as how to create reports, calculations, and scripts. It also covers brand new features in FileMaker Pro 11 such as the Inspector tool, charting, and portal filtering. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating databases from templates
  • Creating fields in spreadsheet format
  • Creating tables and relationships
  • Defining key fields
  • Adding validation and auto-enter values to fields
  • Managing records, including duplicating, locking, and deleting records
  • Creating and managing layouts
  • Formatting layout objects
  • Finding and sorting data
  • Creating calculation fields
  • Building reports
  • Printing and saving as PDF or Excel
  • Writing and triggering scripts
  • Using relationships throughout a database
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(atmospheric) - Hi, I'm Chris Ippolite, and welcome to FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training. FileMaker Pro is a leading desktop database software popular for its ease of use. It's used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies, to individuals who just wanna get a little bit more organized. I'll guide you through building a database the right way with FileMaker Pro 11. I'll teach you the basics behind how a database works, and we'll take you step by step through the true essential elements of creating a database from scratch, beginning with creating tables in relationships, then how to manage the various types of fields, how to work with layouts to display data, as well as how to format your layouts in a number of different ways.

I'll show you how to build interesting and attractive reports, including sub-summary reports to help you share your data with impact. Most importantly, we will create a FileMaker database together from scratch, taking care to study each step in the order that you would do so in a real project. I'll be providing guidance and examples based on 18 years of FileMaker experience. And now, without further delay, it's time for us to dive into FileMaker Pro 11 Essential Training.

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