Relational Database Design with FileMaker Pro

with Cris Ippolite
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Relational Database Design with FileMaker Pro
Video duration: 0s 2h 40m Intermediate Updated May 12, 2015


Let author Cris Ippolite show you how to translate aspects of the real world into the form and language of a relational database, using three practical data modeling examples. The course begins by reviewing some of the basic concepts of data modeling, introducing tables, key fields, and the Relationship Graph. Then, after demonstrating how to establish relationships in a database, the course concludes with a demonstration of some advanced modeling techniques, such as filtering, scripting, and the use of portals.

The course applies to versions of FileMaker Pro from 7 through the most current version.

Topics include:
  • Reviewing relationships types
  • Diagramming relationships
  • Resolving many-to-many relationships
  • Determining which tables need key fields
  • Defining tables in FileMaker Pro
  • Using the Relationship Graph
  • Using multiple match fields in one relationship
  • Using global fields to filter portals
  • Creating self relationships
  • Creating aggregate functions using relationships
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- Hi, I'm Cris Ippolite, and this is Relational Database Design for FileMaker Pro. In this course, I'll discuss the concepts and techniques that you can use to design a Relational Database in FileMaker. Using real-world examples, I'll show you how to determine which tables you need to define in your Relationship Graph, as well as how and why to resolve those pesky Many to Many Relationships. I'll explain how to use Relationships in your Scripts and Calculations, and I'll also show you how to use Portals, Filtered Portals, and Related Fields in your layouts.

And now, it's time for us to dive into Relational Database Design with FileMaker Pro.

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Q: The exercise files for this course do not work on a Mac. It downloads executable files. Can you provide a workaround?
A: The files provided for this course were made pre-FileMaker Pro 12. The system does not recognize the .fp7 files immediately as something that can be opened with FileMaker Pro 12 and instead shows them as Unix Executable Files.

The solution is quite simple. Just double-click the file, at which point the Mac will prompt you to choose an application to open the
file with. Select FileMaker Pro 12 and it will then convert the file from a .fp7 file into the new FileMaker Pro 12 file format, which is .fmp12.
Q: This course was updated on 5/12/2015. What changed?
A: We moved a video from the "Using Relationships" chapter of FileMaker Pro 13 Essential Training into this course, where it will remain evergreen.
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