Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling

with Joseph Labrecque
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Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling
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In this course, author Joseph Labrecque shows you how to use the Feathers and Starling user interface frameworks along with Stage3D to build out mobile applications with Adobe AIR. After setting up the project (a fully functional drawing app), you'll learn how to build application views, skin interface components with Feathers themes, and create the classes that will add functionality to the app, such as rendering, saving, and browsing sketches. The closing chapter demonstrates how to publish the project in a format suitable for Android devices, and concludes with installing and running the app.

Topics include:
  • Downloading the frameworks and the AIR SDK
  • Configuring the project
  • Implementing a theme
  • Creating the screen classes
  • Adding a navbar component
  • Building the classes
  • Returning saved files
  • Publishing a project
  • Installing and running the app
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joseph Labreque and welcome to Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling. In this course we're going to use flash Stage 3D, along with Starling and the feathers UI component library; to build out a cross platform, mobile application using Adobe Air. We'll start by setting up our project with the latest ARSVK in order to configure a new project using the GPU accelerated Starling and feather's frameworks. Then, we'll build out our application views and skin the components set with feather's themes. We'll employ feather's layouts to quickly configure our applications screen classes; and then we'll employ both native flash EPI's and third party extensions to create a functional sketching tool.

We'll create the ability to browse and display previously saved creations; and then export this app to Android devices for an integrated compilation process. We've got a lot to build. So let's start building a mobile app with Feathers and Starling.

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