Facebook for Photo and Video Pros

with Richard Harrington
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Facebook for Photo and Video Pros
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By utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, you can increase brand visibility and take advantage of free features to communicate and advertise your photography or videos. This course shows how to succeed as a creative professional using the Facebook platform. Author Rich Harrington charts the evolution of the platform, and shows how to find new connections, create events, and decide what and when to post. The course also covers creating a company profile distinct from your personal profile, and using Facebook groups and messaging to manage client projects.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. We are honored to host this content in the lynda.com library.

Topics include:
  • Finding friends
  • Using lists to split content
  • Enhancing your Facebook page
  • Attracting fans
  • Posting photos and videos
  • Using a third party to host content
  • Creating a group
  • Advertising your services
  • Posting photos and videos on the go
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- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and I'd like to welcome you to this course on using Facebook for photography and video professionals. We're gonna look at how a creative professional can use Facebook as a marketing tool, a way to stay in touch with clients or potential clients, build your brand, and get more viewers for your photo or video content. There's lots of things to Facebook and chances are you already use the service. My job today is to help you unlock it, show you how to use some of the lesser used features, as well as how to post your content safely and securely.

We've got a lot in front of us, so let's jump in.

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